Victory? Or not


Time for the monthly link-up with A Chronic Voice. Here are our prompts:    DEDICATING    ESTABLISHING    BREAKING    STRENGTHENING    ALLOWING Just going to say 2018 was one big suckfest of life sucked away by uncontrollable symptoms. I am so done with it. Bring it, 2019. I am ready for you and we … Continue reading Chronic voice prompts:  DEDICATING    ESTABLISHING, STRENGTHENING, ALLOWING

Making life shine without work

Chronic illness doesn't eradicate ambition, desires, goals and dreams. But it can limit our capacity to achieve ambitions we have geared our lives for. Careers we aimed for, trained for, had, wanted, lived for... just limited them. To the point we can only work casually, part-time or not at all. But it doesn't stop us … Continue reading Making life shine without work