Damn you sleep my eternal foe

Okay, so sleep and fibromyalgia are not friends

So there are a lot of issues with sleep and fibromyalgia. I also have other chronic pain and vertigo, but seriously since I was young sleep and me have not been on speaking terms. Here are some of the random things you can look forward to with fibromyalgia and sleep:   The ouchie, the flip, … Continue reading Okay, so sleep and fibromyalgia are not friends

When you have fibromyalgia

It is fibromyalgia awareness month once again. Remember fibromyalgia awareness day fall on May 12th. I'd like to start the month with a little fibromyalgia humor. Sadly, it is also all true. When you have fibromyalgia Sleep is a delicious nectar of the gods that is denied you Too much sleep? That's a flare The last time … Continue reading When you have fibromyalgia