When ‘can’t’ can’ts us right out of life

I know isolation. I know hermiting. I know not doing anything because I was in pain and doing things would aggravate it. I know how this leads to can't-ing ourselves right out of things we want to do... but don't have the energy or feel it will trigger pain so we decide just not to … Continue reading When ‘can’t’ can’ts us right out of life

Rock your health routines

I have in my life coped exceptionally well and in those times of excellent motivation and hope I do things like: routinely meditate do regular physio exercises do my regular exercises maintain my work, mostly, as much as I physically can socialize in my limited capacity take my vitamins and supplements regularly. I write in … Continue reading Rock your health routines

Sleep study

Improvement by 1% intervals

Sometimes in the workplace, you have to endure these management spiels with their management lingo but occasionally something piques your interest.  Once such notion, which my office preaches but does not practice, is the 1% better policy.  You don't have to improve 100% off the get-go, that would be impossible, self-defeating and overwhelming.  No, you … Continue reading Improvement by 1% intervals