A Chronic Voice June Prompts

It is time for A Chronic Voice prompt link-up post! Prompts for June AccumulatingHarmonizingPrioritizingCarvingTraining It is migraine awareness month in June. I have chronic migraine with aura. I also have vestibular migraine- and how bad these are is pretty much up for debate at the moment. They used to be episodic and well managed with … Continue reading A Chronic Voice June Prompts

Blog linkup with A Chronic Voice

A Chronic Voice is hosting a Blog Link-up with these prompts of which you pick three: Discovering Rediscovering Anticipating Decluttering Cherishing Anticipating I am anticipating the holiday season. While that doesn't officially begin until December some social events start in November. As well as buying gifts for me begins in November. I anticipate Christmas about … Continue reading Blog linkup with A Chronic Voice