Chronic migraine

Chronic migraine awareness stats and impact

Chronic migraine is: An estimated 11-15% of the adult population of the US meet the criteria for Migraine. And about 1-4% of those with Migraine meet the criteria for Chronic Migraine (CM). Chronic Migraine is defined by the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-3) as: headache days on 15 or more days per monthfor a … Continue reading Chronic migraine awareness stats and impact

The weather migraine

Spring means storms and nice weather and storms and then nice and then storms. Barometric pressure changes all over the damn place which means it is indeed Migraine Season It is driving me up the wall that I am getting migraines: Full-blown middle of the night waking me upFull-blown in the morningEvery day high pain … Continue reading The weather migraine

Chronic migraine and impact study

There was a new study that demonstrated chronic migraine impact lives more so than episodic migraine. Shocking, I know. And they expected this difference in impact. What they didn't expect was the extent of the gap. I could have told them from just experience. We all could have. We all know the distance we have … Continue reading Chronic migraine and impact study