Things I learned after being diagnosed with migraine disease

My sister-in-law recently got diagnosed with migraine with aura. And that sucks a whole lot. I despise migraine disease and it literally doesn't matter how frequent they are, they suck. They suck a whole lot. Worse is that they are not infrequent starting for her. Not like once a month or two here. Way more … Continue reading Things I learned after being diagnosed with migraine disease

Working with migraine: And so the saga continues

Migraine: beginner’s guide to posts

I have written a great deal about migraines and perhaps that makes it tricky to find the basic information one might want to find. So here is your guide to migraines from my blog. Just some basics. Impact of high episodic and chronic migraine study What I want people to understand about chronic migraine Migraine … Continue reading Migraine: beginner’s guide to posts

Migraine: The Headache stage

Stage 3: The Headache Mild to severe in pain intensity Usually one-sided pain Pulsating or throbbing pain Made worse by physical activity Lasts typically from 4 hours to 3 days It can include nausea or vomiting Neck pain Photophobia Phonophobia Osmophobia: sensitivity to odors Dizziness or vertigo Confusion Nasal congestion, runny nose, sinus pain Eye … Continue reading Migraine: The Headache stage

Migraine: The Aura stage

Stage 2: The aura¬†stage Experienced in about 20-25% Can have associated allodynia: hypersensitivity of skin to the touch, burning skin pain. Dizziness Decreased hearing, muffled hearing, Tinnitus Hemiplegia: One-sided paralysis (HM only) One0sdies motor weakness (HM only) Auditory hallucinations Visual hallucinations: wavy lines, blurry vision, partial loss of vision, scotoma, phosphenes. Olfactory hallucinations. Paresthesia: Prickling, … Continue reading Migraine: The Aura stage