Fibromyalgia Pains

Fibromyalgia comes with three major types of pain sensations. Hyperalgesia: this is our major pain as part of the syndrome itself. It is an abnormal sensitivity to pain. The crux of our pain dysfunction. Allodynia:¬†With allodynia, there is a triggered pain response from stimuli that does not normally cause pain. In this case, it causes … Continue reading Fibromyalgia Pains

You know, the pain #MHAM

In what ways have Migraine or Headache disabled you, and how do you combat them? Migraines have a way of truly crippling a person with pain when they are unmanaged. It isn't the sort of pain you can just walk around with and function through. So you do need some sort of management with chronic … Continue reading You know, the pain #MHAM