Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity

This is a difficult article to write because I also have chronic migraine, which as one imagines comes with a lot of overload of the senses. Migraines are actually pretty comorbid with fibromyalgia. Anyway, that means I have to limit this piece to fibromyalgia over sensitivity symptoms. And there is, naturally, overlap. Much like a … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity

Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

  Paresthesia is one of the nerve symptoms of Fibromyalgia that causes the 'pins and needles' sensations, an itch, tingling, prickling, and numbness. In general with Fibromyalgia it is a chronic condition, as in once it starts it isn't going away but this isn't always the case. There can be ways to manage and reduce … Continue reading Paresthesia and Fibromyalgia

My neurologist appointment on the mysterious Paresthesia issue

I had my appointment with the neurologist about the intense Paresthesia sensations have been getting below the waist. The good thing is that there are no problems with my spine from the lumbar area down. He said the last MRI that was done was done in the entire area. Even though one would think the … Continue reading My neurologist appointment on the mysterious Paresthesia issue