Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity

This is a difficult article to write because I also have chronic migraine, which as one imagines comes with a lot of overload of the senses. Migraines are actually pretty comorbid with fibromyalgia. Anyway, that means I have to limit this piece to fibromyalgia over sensitivity symptoms. And there is, naturally, overlap. Much like a … Continue reading Fibromyalgia and sensory sensitivity

FL-41 specs for migraine

  I have my new prescription FL-41 tinted specs now. This is the specific tint that is beneficial for migraines and our photophobia. I have written about them before as I have tried both Axon Optics and TheraSpecs in non-prescription and still use both. My prescription is very mild and I only get it to … Continue reading FL-41 specs for migraine

Migraine: Photophobia and desensitizing it

Photophobia is a major pain in the eyeballs for me with chronic migraines. I own 7 hats and 6 pairs of sunglasses. I have my indoor specs tinted pink for photosensitivity. I have blackout blinds in the house and live in a cave. I have Flux on my computer to change it from aggressive blue … Continue reading Migraine: Photophobia and desensitizing it