The prevention #MHAM #MHAMSMC

Migraine and Headache Awareness Blogging and Social Media Challenge What has worked for you for Migraine and/or Headache prevention? Sibelium: for the vertigo from vestibular migraines: The only medication to work for the vertigo. Ever. Oska Pulse: for intensity and freqency of attacks: I talk about this for FM and migraines in my header menu. It is … Continue reading The prevention #MHAM #MHAMSMC

The new neurologist

It is always interesting when you meet a new neurologist when you have had chronic migraines for a long time. Way back, in the beginning, you have this optimism that they know a vast amount about migraines and that the medication they recommend has a great deal of potential to do something. After a time … Continue reading The new neurologist