Working with migraine: Had a chat with the boss lady

Fibromyalgia: Expectations vs reality

Back in the day. Like 20 years back in the day I had some expectations about what fibromyalgia is and then I learned the reality of what fibromyalgia is. We all have expectations of what it will be and mean for our lives in the beginning. Even before we are diagnosed since that can take … Continue reading Fibromyalgia: Expectations vs reality

Question: My fibromyalgia treatment

Sandy asks " What medications (over-the-counter, prescription from doctor, and natural remedies/supplements/vitamins) do you use?¬†Fibro Files Blogger Questions I use different things to attack different areas for my pain management of fibromyalgia. Exercise This is important for fibromyalgia. But I am talking about the sort of exercise we can actually tolerate. Unfortunately, when I am … Continue reading Question: My fibromyalgia treatment