Chronic pain social consequences

I am watching this webinar: The Social Consequences of Chronic Pain: By Dr. Claire Ashton-James; hosted by Pain BC partner, the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD) Which is a source for the following blog post and a very interesting discussion on the topic. The sources for the webinar are within … Continue reading Chronic pain social consequences

6 things for the healthy to know about chronic illness

  There a lot of things healthy people should know about chronic illness. It isn't always easy to be a friend, loved one or family member to someone with a chronic illness or chronic pain. It isn't easy to forgive plans missed. Or when they seem to never want to engage in activities. You wonder … Continue reading 6 things for the healthy to know about chronic illness

Our relationships and fibromyalgia

Musculoskeletal Care, November 21, 2012 of 40 multiple choice questions was posted online with the objective to poll a large sample of adults with fibromyalgia about the impact on their significant other, friends and children. Questions included were regarding their symptoms, their demographics, any comorbid mood conditions, the relationship impact (with Relationship Assessment Scale). There … Continue reading Our relationships and fibromyalgia

Relationships with others

This month in WEGO health blogging is our health and relationships, specifically: Your condition vs. yourself Your condition vs. your love life Your condition vs. your family Your condition vs. the day-to-day Your condition vs. technology Your condition vs. misconception Your condition vs. yourself - I do tend to focus on this one quite a … Continue reading Relationships with others