Chronic Illness: On pause

You might of noticed, or not, that I usually do a post for Thursdays. But, well, my health is rather unpredictable right now and as a result I can't predict a good time of day or a good day to write. My chronic pain is as it always has been. It is a bit more … Continue reading Chronic Illness: On pause

Just too much rest

  I do think rest is vital Napping when we need to Resting when we need to Pacing activities during the day All necessary. With vestibular issues I have been resting a lot. The majority of the day. If I do anything at all, I need more rest. Massive fatigue comes with vestibular problems. Standing … Continue reading Just too much rest

How to rest

1)Do stuff 2)Stop it. 3Lie down I see a psychologist who specialises in pain management to help me with all that lack of pain management. It is all about relaxation techniques, meditation, biofeedback... blah, blah, blah. There is a fundamental flaw in all of this and that my failure to grasp the three steps outlined … Continue reading How to rest