Beneficial free chronic illness management apps

So lately I have been digging around for some useful apps I can use regularly for specific lifestyle/chronic illness management reasons. I recently blogged about the Time Planner app I found and am using lately. Now I am going to share some more beneficial apps for alternative chronic illness management. I was just digging around … Continue reading Beneficial free chronic illness management apps

Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling is part Journal and par Art therapy and that is what makes it quite effective as a process to help us release our inner thoughts and emotions. Art therapy, after all, is simply a process of creativity to express ourselves. Sometimes when we journal it is very linear. I did this. Then this. … Continue reading Visual Journaling

Chronic illness: Pandemic stress

There are risk factors to being chronically ill in a high-stress environment and being isolated during the pandemic life. COVID19 brings with it unique external stressors we may have a difficult time adjusting to like we do other stressors. Mental illness Anxiety: Even before COVID-19 hit its shores, the U.S. was a clinically anxious place. According … Continue reading Chronic illness: Pandemic stress