World Mental Health Day: surviving and mental slumps

Today is World Mental Health Day which is focusing on suicide prevention. However, I have written about that for suicide prevention month already: Chronic pain and suicide risk Chronic migraines and suicide awareness All I really have left to say about it is my personal experiences with suicide attempts. And preventing them from occurring again... … Continue reading World Mental Health Day: surviving and mental slumps

Chronic pain and suicide risk

It is Pain Awareness Month and it is Suicide Prevention Month. That makes a lot of sense when you consider chronic pain. Pain itself is a suicide risk if you have no pain management and management is tricky. It differs from person to person and it can take so much time to find what works … Continue reading Chronic pain and suicide risk

Chronic migraines and suicide awareness

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide Awareness is a cause close to my heart as I have had a few attempts due to unmanaged chronic migraines. It is also Pain Awareness Month. And these go hand in hand with chronic migraines. It is a hard topic for me to write about. It brings back echoes … Continue reading Chronic migraines and suicide awareness

Suicide Hotlines

WORLDWIDE SUICIDE HOTLINES: Austria 01-713-3374 Australia 1-800-817-569 Barbados 429-9999 Brazil 21-233-9191 Canada  514-723-4000 China 852-2382-0000 Guatemala  502-254-1259 Holland 0900-0767 Honduras  504-237-3623 Hungary 62-420-111 India 91-22-307-3451 Italy 06-7045-4444 Maylaysia 03-756-8144 Mauritius 46-48-889 or 800-93-93 Mexico 525-510-2550 New Zealand 4-473-9739 Nicarague  505-268-6171 Norway 815-33-300 Cyprus 0-777-267 Denmark 70-201-201 Egypt 7621602 Estonia 6-558-088 Finland 040-5032199 Portugal 239-72-10-10 Republic of Ireland 1850-60-90-90 Russia 8-20-222-82-10 Singapore  800-221-4444 or 000-227-0309 South Africa 0861-322-322 South Korea 2-715-8600 Spain 91-459-00-50 Sri Vincent 1-692-909 Sweden 031-711-2400 Switzerland 143 Thailand 02-249-9977 Trinidad and Tobago 868-645-2800 Ukraine 0487-327715 or 0482-226565 United Kingdom 08457-90-90-90 United States  1-800-Suicide (7842433) or 1-800-Talk (8255) or - 1-800-827-757