Does Vitamin D help with chronic pain?

I have been put on Vitamin D by the pain clinic and before that, by my doctor. Both of them recommended 5000 IU of it for chronic pain.NO. Not because I am a vampire that never sees sunlight. Specifically for the chronic pain. I assumed there must be conclusive evidence for this but you know … Continue reading Does Vitamin D help with chronic pain?


I don't use a lot of supplements. Mostly because I don't have a lot of expendable income to do so. But there are a few I do use regularly. B Complex:  I just need to boost by B's for the fact they are beneficial for so many things from stress to inflammation. And specifically for … Continue reading Supplements

Supplements: Something to consider

Dietary Products for Pain: Truth & Consequences  "Of great concern is the potential for dietary supplements to interfere with effective pain management or, worse, to cause drug-drug interactions — ie, various prescribed and nonprescribed agents fighting against each other — leading to serious adverse events [discussed in UPDATE here]. For example, earlier this month [here] … Continue reading Supplements: Something to consider