Ménière’s disease diagnosis

I talked to my doctor today about my rather awesome response to the medication SERC (betahistine dihydrochloride) and she did tell me that it does mean I have Ménière’s disease because otherwise I would have had no response at all. Now is Betahistine effective for Ménière’s disease? This is a question! Because the research says … Continue reading Ménière’s disease diagnosis

Vestibular disorder: The dizzy life

I thought I would write a post about dealing with a vestibular disorder day to day to give you a peek into my life lately. Mind you, I also have chronic pain so that does complicate this tale of woe a lot. Nevertheless, I will focus on the actual vestibular symptoms. It is migraine awareness … Continue reading Vestibular disorder: The dizzy life

Vestibular disorder: Stuck in dizziness hell zone

I was told by more than one medical professional they do not like the word dizzy. At all. Because too many sensations are encompassed under the word 'Dizzy'. My main complaints since I was disabled in 2017 was this non-stop dizziness, and disequilibrium, and balance issues. And also intermittent vertigo that happens randomly. And I … Continue reading Vestibular disorder: Stuck in dizziness hell zone

Undiagnosed: That limbo state

  Undiagnosed. I remember this well. I spent the majority of my childhood UNDIAGNOSED. The pain and fatigue where things I felt I didn't even have the right to complain about because, well, I had No Label to Defend it. And it took until the age of 16 to get even somewhat of a label: … Continue reading Undiagnosed: That limbo state

Victory? Or not


Time for the monthly link-up with A Chronic Voice. Here are our prompts:    DEDICATING    ESTABLISHING    BREAKING    STRENGTHENING    ALLOWING Just going to say 2018 was one big suckfest of life sucked away by uncontrollable symptoms. I am so done with it. Bring it, 2019. I am ready for you and we … Continue reading Chronic voice prompts:  DEDICATING    ESTABLISHING, STRENGTHENING, ALLOWING